Our Gifts

"Then Simon Peter having a sword drew it, and smote the high priest's servant, and cut off his right ear. The servant's name was Malchus" (John 18:10)


Peter offered what he knew and what he had in the service of Jesus Christ. He was always quick to speak and quick to act. He always offered this alertness to Jesus. It had always been a strength to him and I'm sure he believed Jesus appreciated it. We offer to the church the gifts and strengths we believe we have to offer, but I believe God wants us to offer ourselves so He can pull out of us the gifts he planted inside of us from the beginning.


After Jesus' arrest, Peter saw just how effective he and his gifts were in the face of the opposition facing Jesus.


As we look at the state of our culture and effectiveness of our gifts that we are offering the church in building the kingdom of God, I pray that we will offer ourselves as the offering and allow God to pull from us the gifts He's placed inside of us.


After all was said and done. Peter was obedient to Jesus and went to Jerusalem to wait as Jesus instructed. After the Holy Spirit came, Peter the former fisherman became a preacher, teacher, healer, and leader.


The Holy Spirit gives gifts to all and he also empowers all to use the gifts He has given.


God has placed inside of us all He needs for this time and is ready to release it when we offer ourselves instead of offering what we think we have.



Father, take away any pride in what we think we have to offer and show us how to offer our whole selves to You so You can take what you need. Remove any fear of the future. Remove any doubt about who we think we are. Remove any thoughts of unworthiness, because You've already planted what You need deep inside of us. So whatever the world has placed on top of Your planting to make us believe that we have nothing to offer, remove that too. Reveal Your teachers, preachers, leaders, and healers for this time and give us the boldness to move, just like You did with Peter. AMEN


Be Blessed,

Pastor D