Our Staff







Financial Officers

Deacon Jeffery O.  Robinson, Sr., Treasurer

Deacon Kyle Harris, Assistant Treasurer

Sister Danielle Wilcoxson, Financial Secretary


Church Clerk

Sister Beverly Hemphill, Church Clerk

Sister Shawn Lane, Assistant Clerk


Sunday School

Sister Robin Frazier, General Superintendent

Brother Herbert Lewis, Assistant Superintendent


Board of Christian Education 






Church Clerical

Sister Tonya Jennings, Church/Pastor Secretary


Associates Ministers

Reverend Don Reaves


Director of Music

Lady Maria L. McClung


Support Staff

Sister Janette Campbell

Brother Ryan Fleming

Sister Carolyn Hunt


Deacon Otha Thorne, Chairman

Deacon Jeffery Robinson, Sr, Vice

Deacon Ellen Cole

Deacon Kyle Harris


Sister Yvonne Stitt, Chairman

Brother Bryan Strickland, Vice

Sister Dianne Lane

Sister Debbie McKay

Sister Helen Powell

Brother Vernal Pulliam


Sister Robin Frazier

Sister Beverly Hemphill

Lady Maria L. McClung

Sister Kelli Harper

Reverend Don Reaves

Sister Tonya Jennings

Brother Herbert Lewis